Using a Crock Pot in Your Glacier Ice House


Crock pots and slow cooking are any RVer's best friend, allowing you the flavor and heartiness of a homecooked meal without the hassle of tons of prep work, cooking, and dishes.

When you're out there in your Glacier Ice House exploring the country, the last thing you want to have to do is slow down and figure out dinner, but, at the same time, you also don't want to eat junk food day in and day out at local fast food joints.

Whether you want to cover breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a crock pot can help your travels feel more convenient and flexible. If you want to have a hot breakfast or lunch, simply turn the slow cooker on over night and wake up to a ready made meal. If you want a good meal waiting for you at the end of a long day of fun and exploration, simply have it cook while you're out.

Add to that the fact that crock pot meals are super economical, and you've got a winning combination. Meals are cheaper because the slow cooking process allows you to transform poorer cuts of meat, frozen veggies, and cheap rice and beans into savory and flavor-packed meals. You also generally make more food than you can eat when you use a slow cooker, so you're likely to have leftovers.

Cleanup can be almost absent if you use a crock pot liner. Simply cook your meal, serve it up on a few plates or bowls, and use some utensils and at the end of the night you're out a few plates and some spoons.

You'll need to get a crock pot with a programmable timer if you wish to turn it on and leave it over night or during the day.

You can even use your crock pot while you're actively driving if you purchase one that has clamps on the lid and that fits in your sink. If those conditions are met, you can have a meal ready for when you're setting up at the campground or RV park.

Travel in a Glacier Ice House

Travel in the comfort and convenience of a Glacier Ice House. Owning your own ice fishing trailer means that you can ice fish in the winter, then turn around and use it as a travel trailer the rest of the year.