Kitchen Essentials


Staying organized and maximizing space are two important aspects of life on the road in your Glacier Ice House. Just like at your house or apartment, your Glacier’s kitchen area is bound to be overturned on a daily basis as you cook and clean. By using some simple products and methods, you can help to keep your Glacier’s kitchen neat and organized.

Use Lazy Susans in the Cabinets and the Fridge

Lazy Susan turntables can be extremely handy when you’re living on the road. A variety of Lazy Susan turntables are available with gripping surfaces and lips, so your items won’t move when you’re cruising down the highway or even on less desirable terrain. Keep the turntables in your larger cabinets and even in the refrigerator to make accessing items in tight spaces much easier.

Add Shelves to Kitchen Cabinets

Much of your Glacier's cabinet space is being wasted right now. Without shelves, the upper half of each cabinet is probably left empty. Add an additional shelve or two to each of your cabinets using a large metal shelf from the home improvement store. Placing your food, dishes and other items in plastic bins on the shelves will also help prevent spillage.

Opt for Stacking Dishes When Possible

As many people turn toward minimizing with smaller living spaces, more travel-friendly products are created. Travelers can now buy stackable plates, cups, and mixing bowls that take up minimal space inside cabinets. Opt for stackable items whenever possible to create more room for the other things 

Travel Better in a Glacier Ice House

Glacier Ice Houses are available at many dealerships across the country, with locations that include Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. Find your nearest Glacier Ice House dealer and tour one of our models today.