Using Your Glacier Ice House Year Round


If you own or are considering the purchase of a Glacier Ice House, chances are that you're pretty into ice fishing. It's probably less of a hobby for you and more of a calling.

However, perhaps you're also someone who likes to get the most bang for their buck. While you like the idea of a rugged and convenient ice fishing trailer, you dislike the idea of only using it during ice fishing season. We get that.

While ice fishing season ends every year, using your Glacier Ice House doesn't have to. You see, your Glacier Ice House is the perfect way to travel, no matter the season. While a Glacier Ice House is perfectly designed for ice fishing, it comes with great features that make it flexible enough to use for summer road trips, hunting season, or holiday travels. 

So when ice fishing season ends, don't store your Glacier Ice House away; keep it ready to go year round for whatever adventures you've got planned!

Travel in a Glacier Ice House

Find out more about Glacier Ice House models at a Glacier Ice House dealership. Dealerships across the country carry Glacier Ice Houses in their inventories, with locations that include Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. Find your nearest Glacier Ice House dealer and tour one of our models today. It's an investment that will serve you well all year around for any outdoor adventure you've got planned.