Ice Fishing Essentials


So maybe you've got your quality fish house from Glacier Ice House and you think that's all you need for going out on the ice for some time ice fishing. And you're almost correct. After all, a Glacier Ice House is brimming with features to make your ice fishing trips more comfortable and more successful. But there are some ice fishing essentials that you'll want to include on your ice fishing trailer to have a safe and fruitful trip.

A Quality Auger

You can only fish if you know where you can fish. You may end up drilling over one hundred holes during the course of a day and some spots on the ice can be up to three or four feet thick. Look for an auger that's both light but has a sharp blade. The more you use it in a single day, the more you'll appreciate springing for a quality auger. There are hand-cranked augers and gas-powered augers. The former are cheaper, but the latter will save you some effort.

Portable Sonar Device

It's impossible to know what's going on beneath your feet without a sonar device. Having one with you is needed if you want to find success on the ice. Sonar helps you identify underlying depths and underwater structures, which in turn clues you in to what kind of fish might be in the area.

Tackle Organizer

Properly organizing your tackle is important for streamlined fishing. Store your jigs, spoons, and other lures inside a clear plastic drawer system somewhere in your Glacier Ice House. Separate everything out and have them prepped for your line. Properly organized, you can have all your tackle ready to go at a moment's notice.

Find a Glacier Ice House Dealer Near You

Glacier Ice House manufactures the highest quality ice fishing trailers in the industry. From quality materials to professional craftsmanship to unparalleled attention to detail, a Glacier Ice House is ready to perform under the harshest of conditions while keeping you and your travel companions warm and comfortable.

Glacier Ice Houses are available at many dealerships across the country, with locations that include Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. Find your nearest Glacier Ice House dealer and tour one of our fish house models today.