How to Find the Fish You Want to Catch


When you're out ice fishing in your fish house trailer, you're not always angling to catch a specific species. If you are, however, how do you go about it? 

The four most common fish you're going to find in any Minnesota lake this winter are the walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and panfish. How do you find a walleye instead of a lake trout? A northern pike instead of a panfish?

It's not too complex, really. Certain fish hang out in certain areas. Any lake has underwater geographical features that are more or less attractive to each fish species on a case by case basis. You've also got to consider what kind of lures you're using and how you're using them.

Take walleye, for example. A good first step is to look for main lake points, reefs, and humps that top out in the 8- to 25-foot range. Use a wide variety of jigging and live bait to lure the walleye to your line. Perch, though less common, are similar.

Northern pike, on the other hand, are to be found in the mouths of shallow, weedy bays that have main lake access. To lure them, try large baitfish on a quick strike rig under a tip up. Panfish are very similar, as are the less common bluegills and crappie.

Lake trout like steep main lake drop-offs, as well as saddles and ledges. Use large jigging lures to draw them out.

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