Tips for Hiking with Kids


Hiking is a low skill activity that’s great for introducing kids to the great outdoors as you travel in your Glacier Ice House. It’s also a great way to bond with your kids this summer as you explore nature. But keep in mind that most kids aren’t at the same physical level as an adult. Here are some tips to keep your kids happy and safe on the trail this summer.

Start Out Small

If your kids are new to hiking, do less challenging hikes and shorter distances to acclimate them to the concept of hiking. Once they get the hang of the distances involved, they’ll be able to graduate to more demanding walks.

Remember to Plan Some Breaks

Don’t demand too much of your kids: plan to rest along the way and offer them plenty of food and even more water. Pack foods high in protein to fill them up, but with some carbs for quick energy. Energy bars are perfect for this role. Water is perfect, but if they like something with a little more flavor, bring along some sports drinks with electrolytes.

Equip Them for Hiking

Don’t just throw on some random clothes and expect that your kids will be able to keep up. Make some effort to deck them out: just like you, they’ll need hiking boots, sunglasses, a hat, and even their own pack. If properly equipped, they’ll be able to handle more and go farther.

Know When They’re Done

While you may be tempted to hike that entire 15 mile trail, your kids may not be able to keep up. Watch for signs that they’re tiring out and be prepared to turn around or stop for the day.

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