Packing Tips for Your Glacier Ice House


Packing for your next RV trip in your Glacier Ice House should be done with careful thought. If this isn’t your first time packing, you may glean new tips and tricks, but if it’s your first time packing for a trip, especially a trip longer than a weekend, you may find these tips particularly helpful.

Pack clothing into two bags for each person.

Keep daily wear such as shorts and shirts in your Glacier Ice House. Hang up other clothing in the wardrobe. If you are going on an extended trip and need additional clothing, store it in suitcases in the under-RV storage until you need it. This comes in handy if you are going to be camping at a time of year with temperature changes. While it’s warm, keep “warm clothes” such as short and t-shirts inside and winter clothing outside. Switch them around when the weather gets cool and you are no longer comfortable in shorts. Bring items that are interchangeable. For example, choose a shirt that goes with slack, jeans or shorts.

Purchase a spice rack and other cabinet racks.

You can create extra shelving in overhead cabinets or the pantry by using space savers. You can mount a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door or screw it to the wall above a kitchen counter. You’ll be able to pack more things to bring with you.

Start in one room and put everything you want to bring in plain site.

After you do that, then pack the items in suitcases or grocery bags. As you carry them into your Glacier Ice House, unpack them room by room. This helps to ensure you don’t forget something, especially if you are not one that makes a list to work from.

Pick up any special items you need before you start packing.

If you need chemicals for the toilet and RV toilet paper, stop by to pick some up before you get involved in packing everything else.

Pack your freezer efficiently.

Take it out of the bulky Styrofoam packages and put it in zippered freezer bags. This will also save you quite a bit of room in the freezer.

Minimize what you bring on board.

There’s an old saying, “you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink,” that applies to many folks when planning a travel excursion. Whether for a weekend or week-long adventure, there’s a strong tendency to pack more than needed, “just in case.” If you’re one of these “must have this and that” packers, you might want to consider toning it down and packing lighter. Not only does this give you more space but also less things to rummage through.

If you didn’t use it the last few times, maybe you don’t need it.

Go through your Glacier Ice House and take a look at what you already have packed. If you didn’t unpack it or use it on your last outing, chances are, you won’t need it this time around, either.

Do the bulk of your grocery shopping at your destination.

If you plan to prepare all of your meals inside, wait until you get to a set destination to buy food items. No need to haul can goods or other heavy items. Bring along snacks and beverages but leave the rest till you set up camp.

Travel Better in a Glacier Ice House

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