Upcycle These Food and Beverage Containers


Recycling is green, but upcycling is even greener. Why send your plastics and such to be processed into something new when you can simply keep using them for yourself?

Here are some of the top items you can reuse in your Glacier Ice House:

1. Beer Pack Holders

You know those cardboard containers that six-packs of beer come in? Well, those make perfectly serviceable containers for napkins and utensils. Whether you're heading out into the field with your lunch or simply need a way to organize your utensils in your Glacier Ice House, don't throw this container away the next time you're done with the beer.

2. Juice Bottles

Juice bottles, or any other clear plastic container, can be useful for a number of things, such as storing dry goods like cereals and grains. You can even crack eggs into one until it's full, marking the number of cracked eggs inside as you go. When you want to make some eggs, it will save you time as you simply pour out a measured amount.

3. Coffee Containers

This is a bit off-beat, but coffee containers, like the round plastic one that Folgers is packaged in, can be used as a toilet roll holder that you can take into the field. By simply cutting a slot out of the side and feeding the roll through it, you can keep your toilet paper clean and dry.

4. Soda 12-Packs

After you're done with your favorite sodas, keep the cardboard 12-pack container and use it for other canned goods, like soups and vegetables. It will keep your food storage space more organized. For maximum efficiency, put the cans into the box by order of expiration date.

Travel in a Glacier Ice House

Travel in the comfort and convenience of a Glacier Ice House. Owning your own ice fishing trailer means that you can ice fish in the winter, then turn around and use it as a travel trailer the rest of the year.