Why You Should Travel in a Glacier Ice House


With technology becoming more prevalent, busy schedules crowding our free time and expensive plane tickets limiting our travels, it's more important than ever for families to spend time together in a fun, affordable, and distraction-free atmosphere.

Taking a family vacation in your Glacier Ice House is the best way to get back to the basics of spending quality time together.

Spend More Time Together

Your Glacier forces your family to spend more time together, and that's always a good thing. Even if you plan on spending your vacations at a hotel or in your home, you'll probably notice that members of your family scatter to different parts of your home or hotel. The Glacier lifestyle means days of adventure, long nights around the campfire, and priceless bonding time on the journeys to and from your destination.

Get Outside

Although the times spent together inside your Glacier is undeniably enjoyable, the time spent outside exploring is even better. The compact interior of your Glacier forces your family to get outside and embark on adventures together, and that's where some of the best memories are made.

Put Your Worries Behind

Your Glacier Ice House is your safe haven from life's worries and problems. When you hit the road, you'll forget about the stresses of work, school, and other difficulties. It's also your family's safe haven to spend time together without the busy schedules and stresses that often keep you apart.

Travel Affordably

Much of the stress of travel comes from the high costs associated with it. You can forget about those costs when you travel in your Glacier. Once you purchase an affordable, top-quality Glacier Ice House, you enjoy all of your travels without worrying about expensive plane tickets, hotel rooms, and costly restaurant meals.

Go Places You've Never Been

Instead of simply planning a vacation to one destination, the Glacier lifestyle allows you to visit countless new places along your journey. Our country is packed with scenic, adventurous and relaxing destinations for every type of traveling family. Whether you're interested in the rugged destinations of the Southwest or historic, beach destinations on the east coast, your family can enjoy the vacation of your dreams in the comfort and convenience of your Glacier.

Start Your Adventure Today

Glacier Ice House manufactures the highest quality ice fishing trailers in the industry. From quality materials to professional craftsmanship to unparalleled attention to detail, a Glacier Ice House is ready to perform under the harshest of conditions while keeping you and your travel companions warm and comfortable. Even outside of winter when you're not ice fishing, your Glacier Ice House can serve as a your go-to travel trailer for all of your road trips and vacations.

Glacier Ice Houses are available at many dealerships across the country, with locations that include Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. Find your nearest Glacier Ice House dealer and tour one of our fish house models today.